Hello everybody. My name is Leonid Komissarov. I am the co-owner of the Open Service company and food shop Street Market. In this section, I will tell you about our company.

“Open service” helps restaurants become better by using different programs, which we have tested on our own restaurants. We help you manage your business and finances, quickly build and analyze any reports, cut costs and increase sales. We have over 300 restaurants as our clients; they include single restaurants as well as restaurant chains.

We make automation simple and affordable. We keep our clients data in various independent data centers in Russia, Latvia and Germany. Our Russian hotline works around the clock, seven days a week. We also have English speaking hotline. The total experience of our employees in the restaurant business is over 100 years. We speak the same language as you do. We are restaurateurs (lightcafe.ru)

We help you create a system in which all your data is integrated with the ERP iiko system. Managers are able to see this data from any mobile device anywhere in the world. We set up all your business processes associated with accounting and relationship management with the guests from the ground up.

We are interested in Russian start-ups, which are related to the restaurant business. Our company also works with European restaurateurs, especially we have a direct interest in cooperation with Finland as with our closest neighbors. We have invested in our own developments in the field of electronic document management (http://openorder.ru), the automation of restaurant standards(iikochecklist.ru), table reservations (tockl.ru). In addition, we have brought to the Russian market several foreign services in the field of delivery (freewaiter.info). We continue to look for more and more new technologies to help restaurants become even better.

The “Open Service” company was founded in 2010 and is one of the leading companies in the field of automation of restaurants in the Russian Federation. And this is only the beginning.